Cathrynne Elisabeth Wagner died from myocarditis when she was 2 1/2 years old. She wasn't sick for 3 days before she passed away.  It left her family in a state of shock and left with many questions.  

Myocarditis is a rare disease that is one of the leading cause of sudden death in children.  If that is true, why had no one heard of it?  Cathrynne's Heart Fund was a decision by Cathrynne's family to keep this tragedy from happening to other families.

Cathrynne's Heart fund was created to:

  • Raise awareness for Myocarditis
  • Support families affected by the disease
  • Raise funds for a cure, and
  • Support community-based heart screenings in Central Pennsylvania
Cathrynne's Heart Fund is a registered 501C3 organization.
       Cathrynne Elisabeth Wagner
     Sept. 4 2009- April 29, 2012